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What is the Dream Exchange?

We’re creating a simple, compliant, turnkey exchange for the trading of small company stocks. The Dream Exchange will offer a way to sell your shares without selling your soul. The “inaccessible” just became a lot more accessible.

The Dream Exchange is a new invention born out of entrepreneurial big think which will disrupt the conventional idea of a stock market as we know it. The founder of the Dream Exchange has worked in Washington for several years to create a brand-new security called a “venture security” on a brand-new exchange called a “venture exchange,” which will serve a massively underserved sector of public capital markets representing thousands of small businesses in need of capital to achieve growth, expansion and success; and those businesses, in turn, will create greatly needed jobs. We are creating an innovative new exchange that will ultimately convert the US economy into a production-based economic system where everyone wins: entrepreneur, citizen and investor alike.

This is not crowd funding. It is not conventional. It has never been invented before now. This truly is the Dream Exchange.

Solving the Small Business Capital Problem

An emerging company has no simple way to raise money and subsequently expand, and there are limitations on the freedom of investors and entrepreneurs to interact in a free market system. The Dream Exchange is solving this problem.

Tenacious Dream Makers

We are relentlessly determined to break boundaries and level the playing field to create a place where small fish become sharks and mom-and-pops make it big. Who are we? We are the Dream Exchange. The future of real wealth.

The Founder: Joe Cecala

Tenacity. Technical expertise. Organizational ability.

Joe Cecala Dream Exchange

Our Services

Discover how we can help maximize the viability and value of your business to potential investors, partners and buyers.

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