When will the Dream Exchange open?

We are currently planning on being operational at some point during 2022

How did the company start?

Founder and CEO Joe Cecala was a securities lawyer for over 25 years and worked on capital transactions for over 15 years. In that time he found that small capital transactions were particularly difficult because there was no clear exit in sight for the investor. Early on in his legal career, Mr. Cecala learned in-depth how stock exchanges work being the lawyer for the founding members of a company that created the first electronic trading system in the US. This electronic stock exchange went on to become Archipelago. Archipelago merged with the New York Stock Exchange in 2005 creating the electronic exchange infrastructure for the New York Stock Exchange or NYSE Archa Exchange. Without this electronic infrastructure, the New York Stock Exchange would have had a very difficult time competing in the electronic trading environment.

By conducting years of research after the creation of NYSE Archa Exchange, Mr. Cecala discovered that the structure of the US capital markets and current stock exchanges favored only the largest transactions with celebrity companies. This research revealed that prior to Archipelago, the overwhelming majority of IPO’s were $50.0 million and under!  By 2004, small capital IPO’s had all but disappeared. In addition, After decades of working with minority businesses, he realized as well that minority businesses were nearly absent from all IPO and public company listings.

As a result, in 2018 Mr. Cecala founded the Dream Exchange to solve these long-standing market problems by creating a stock exchange to become completely inclusive and expand access to capital markets for companies with great imagination and foresight into the future as well as make an impact on the lacking diversity in the capital markets.

What types of companies will the Dream Exchange list?

Dream Exchange will focus on expanding the national market system to include more small businesses with innovative technologies in every sector. We will also focus on empowering minority owned businesses in an effort to stimulate economic prosperity in minority communities.

How do I list my company on the Dream Exchange?

Dream Exchange is not currently operational as a stock exchange. If you would like to stay updated about our progress, fill out the form below.

For more information about how we can help connect you with sources of funding, visit dreamex.com/dreamex-connect

How do I invest in companies on the Dream Exchange?

Dream Exchange is not currently operational as a stock exchange. If you would like to stay updated on our progress, fill out the form below!

For more information about how we can help connect you with companies, visit dreamex.com/dreamex-connect

What is the difference between a venture exchange and a stock exchange?

A venture exchange is a brand new type of stock exchange that is currently in formation. Once created, venture exchanges will even further expand the auction style stock exchange environment to small private companies, providing liquidity to small businesses and investors.

When will the Dream Exchange venture exchange be open?

In order to create the first venture exchange in the US, Dream Exchange Founder and CEO has been educating members of congress and has contributed to the content of a new piece of legislation called the Main Street Growth Act. Once enacted, the Main Street Growth Act will allow for venture exchanges to exist.

You can view that legislation here.

How do I invest in companies on the Venture Exchange?

Dream Exchange is not currently operational as a venture exchange. For more information about how we can help connect you with companies, visit dreamex.com/dreamex-connect

How do I list my company on the Dream Exchange venture exchange?

Dream Exchange is not currently operational as a stock exchange. If you would like to stay updated on our progress, fill out the form below.

For more information about how we can help connect you with sources of funding, visit dreamex.com/dreamex-connect

See the DreamEx Connect tab above to register.

What is the difference between Dream Exchange and DreamEx Connect?

DreamEx Connect is not a stock exchange or a licensed brokerage, so we do not offer shares for sale or facilitate the sale of shares directly or indirectly on the platform. However, we do offer the opportunity for emerging businesses to post detailed information about their company and we maintain a message system for sources of funds to view information and send messages to companies. Companies and investors are able to message one another and set up further meetings or discuss their business in more depth outside of the software system.

Is DreamEx Connect operational?

Yes, DreamEx Connect is currently launched and fully operational. The software is entirely free to use.

How do I register and log-in to DreamEx Connect?

DreamEx Connect’s registration process follows the following steps to ensure your security on our software:

1.On our website click “Access as Business Owner” to register your business or “Access as an Investor” to register yourself as a source of funds.

2. Click the blue “Sign-Up” Button at the bottom right hand corner of the white box.

3. Fill out the registration form including all fields.

a) Why does DreamEx Connect ask for my address and phone number?

DreamEx Connect conducts background checks on its users to ensure the security of all participants.

b) Note: The email you enter here will be used as your username and will be case sensitive.

4. Submit the registration form.

5. At this time, you should receive an automated email with your temporary log-in credentials. Please check your junk or spam folder and allow 1-2 minutes for this to arrive in your inbox.

6. Enter your temporary username and password exactly as shown in the email you received. This is case sensitive.

7. Upon completion of this step, you will be asked to create a password. Below are the password requirements:

a) Minimum of one capital letter

b) Minimum of one number

c) Minimum of one symbol

Once this is complete, you are officially logged into DreamEx Connect. If you forget your password, you can always change it using the “Forgot Password” button on the sign-in page. Your account can be accessed from our website under the DreamEx Connect tab.

Is my data in DreamEx Connect secure?

DreamEx Connect stores all collected data in an encrypted format in a secure environment utilizing Amazon Web Services.

Does DreamEx Connect share the information we collect?

DreamEx does not provide any collected information with parties external to our organization.

Does DreamEx charge a fee if a Company and a Source of Funds (SOF) make a deal?

DreamEx Connect does not charge a fee if a Company and a SOF makes an investment deal. Willingness to work together between companies and SOF’s is entirely up to the user. DreamEx Connect is software as a service and is not operating in any way as a broker or facilitator between a Company and a SOF.

How do I know if my DreamEx Connect Company Profile is complete?

A Company Profile is considered complete if a Company has completed their profile in the Compose Page page, uploaded supplemental files in the Upload Files page and specified the parameters of their deal in the Specify Criteria page.

Can DreamEx assist me in creating my Company Profile?

Yes. Our automated consulting product, Introductory Company Analysis assists businesses in identifying and articulating their business. If you are interested in this product, please fill out the contact form below and in the “Message” field, write, “I am interested in the ICA”.

Why are offering documents prohibited from my profile on DreamEx Connect?

DreamEx Connect is not a brokerage site and is not facilitating the sale of securities. DreamEx Connect will prohibit any documents that offer securities or make an offer for the sale of securities from the vault. Only the company owners or licensed securities brokers are able to deliver offering documents. Rather, DreamEx Connect is a software as a service messaging and media platform, similar to Facebook and LinkedIn, to create a community of great companies and quality investors as sources of funds gain access to each other. Once the connection is made, companies and sources of funds should conduct all of the important activities of due diligence, deal structuring and negotiations, legal review, etc. outside of DreamEx Connect media platform.

Can I make changes to my Company profile in DreamEx Connect once it is published?

Yes. You can make changes to your profile once published.

All Company profiles are reviewed by DreamEx staff prior to posting or reposting on DreamEx Connect to ensure that the profile meets the posting standards of the site.

Are Companies in DreamEx Connect limited in the number of uploaded files?

There are no limits in the number of files a company can include with their profile.

Can a Source of Funds limit unsolicited messages from Companies in DreamEx Connect?

Yes. A Source of Funds (SOF) can elect to not receive unsolicited messages from Companies. In this situation, an SOF would deselect the “Allow Companies to Contact Me” checkbox in the Interests page.