"The Dream Ex Deal Book helped us see how we can confidently engage with the right investors."


Are you thinking of finding investors for your business? Want to expand and possibly go public? That's awesome!

Do you know how to find the right investors? You don't want someone who will change everything around on a whim, and you don't want to end up with someone owning a larger share of your company than is necessary.

Knowing these things will give you the confidence and competence investors and buyers look for.

To get the right deal with the right investor, how do you even start? Keep reading!

Dream Ex Deal Book

The Deal Book provides all of the data a company needs to effectively and efficiently engage with the right investor.

  • It incorporates all of the steps in sequence used in large capital raise programs, but adapted for smaller company capital raise programs. Highly effective for smaller companies looking to raise smaller amounts of capital.
  • Each Deal Book is thoroughly researched and completely customized to tell the “story” of your company through words and numbers.
  • The Deal Book is not a capital raising program. All companies will need to conduct a capital raising program, but those organizations with Deal Books in hand will be far more effective in controlling any third-party advisor and potential sources of funds. This will result in closing an investment in less time and on better terms.
  • Facilitates agreements inside your organization so that your team is fully aligned before future negotiations with sources of funds.

Use of these steps will positively impact the trajectory of your company, your family, and your life!

What do you get with the Deal Book?

Our group assists in compiling and writing up the present time scene of your organization. We compose the written narrative from information delivered from you to truthfully describe, in a compelling manner, the current situation of the company. It is comprehensive in nature and is presented in a data-driven way preferred by investors.

Includes the five-year forecast which can be developed based on the timely completion of the EAIs. This step shows the investor the future organization based upon their money and the company’s ideas and expertise. Once again, these are written in such a way as to excite the investor as to the future of your organization.

Includes the identification of Expansion Action Items (EAIs) that inform the investor of how the capital will be used. Expansion Action Items are formulated to simultaneously disclose the areas that need attention in the organization and instill confidence to the investor that your company understands what needs to be done. Additionally, it keeps you on track toward the RIGHT investors, and allows you to spot those that will take you off track.

Visual depiction of the progressive increase in value over time is a powerful method for the investor to envision your company’s future value, built upon their investment today.

Premium and Premium Plus Deal Books

Formulation of Equilibrium Pricing investment deal scenarios that include the amount of capital invested, minimum and maximum investor ownership, “clawback” incentives, and other variables to formulate a starting point of negotiations with investors. Positions your company in a proactive position of presenting the terms rather than reacting to the proposals of the investor. (Premium & Premium Plus Versions)

Includes the research and analysis of the investors and past industry investments similar to the one proposed for your company and includes data to understand the critical terms your target investors agreed to in the past BEFORE communication with them is initiated. (Premium Plus Version only)

The development of a strategy to survey your company and critical investment terms to target relationships. This feature is designed to quickly gain understanding and agreement with target investors on your most important deal terms. (Premium Plus Version only)

Dream Ex Deal Book Options


  • Present Time Scene Writeup
  • Industry Analysis
  • Financial Statement Analysis w/ Industry Financial Comps
  • Valuation Scenarios
  • 5-Year Financial Forecast
  • Identification of Expansion Action Items


  • All of the Features of the Basic Version
  • Expansion Action Item Valuation Modeling
  • Equilibrium Pricing
  • Deal Structuring Scenarios

Premium Plus

  • All of the Features of the Basic and Premium Versions
  • In-Depth Industry Investment Research
  • Specific Comparative Deal Analysis
  • Creation of Target Investor Lists
  • Formulation of Investor Survey Strategies

What is the cost of alternatives to the Deal Book?

Hire a firm

PRICE: Wasted Money
  • Working with a firm that requires a monthly retainer
  • Pay a success fee that might be 10% or more of the total money raised, utilizing an inferior product
  • This requires funds that should go to targeted improvements

Try to do it yourself

PRICE: Wasted Time
  • Takes much longer to raise money because you're figuring it out along the way
  • Settling for terms that are much less favorable to you in the long run, financially and with control of the company
  • This takes attention that should go to production

How do I get started?

The first step in your capital raise process is our Introductory Company Assessment (ICA). This information goes into your Deal Book and helps us identify the RIGHT Deal Book for you.

Our online introductory company assessment (“ICA”) scores your business in 8 areas of critical interest to investors, strategic partners and potential buyers. This is the first step in a due diligence process that will be required for any future major capital event—such as a sale, a merger, or even a public offering.

Complete assessment online

Immediately receive your detailed report

Schedule a free 45-minute consultation to review your report

Introductory Company Assessment Account View


What do you get with the ICA?

Proprietary Technology

The Introductory Company Assessment is unique. This is a groundbreaking online platform that allows you to begin the process of expertly assessing your company. Begin to see your company the way an investor would!

$997 Value!

Comprehensive Report

The ICA gives you a comprehensive assessment of the current state of your company, and details current and future barriers to a capital raise. These are some of the first things investors want to know!

$499 Value!


You'll get a free 45-minute private consultation with a Senior Partner of Dream Ex. We'll review your results and discuss next steps tailored for you, so you can realize your goal of a successful capital event!

$750 Value!

What is Dream Ex?

Inventors of the Concept of Venture Exchanges
Trailblazers. Dream Makers. Tenacious enough to go all the way to Capitol Hill to lead the grassroots movement that will permit small and medium businesses to raise capital without selling their soul.

We’re in the process of creating a simple, compliant, turnkey exchange for the trading of small company stocks.

We Share The Same Dream as You
To flourish and prosper. To reap the full rewards of our ingenuity. To expand and partner with TRUE venture capitalists who will provide capital under fair and reasonable terms. To maintain control of our business while having the necessary funds for expansion.

Dream Ex is a newly created organization built on 50 combined years of successful capital raise events. We're here to help you —  the business owner seeking expansion or sale.

After the ICA and Deal Book, What's Next?

 We're Dream Makers. Your bridge to financial freedom and growth without headaches. During your post-ICA strategy session, we'll recommend a tailored capital raise program and choose the Deal Book that's right for you.

We've distilled over 50 years of success into our 16-step Capital Raise Roadmap. The same steps apply whether you're expanding, or doing a partial or complete sale of your business. The steps pertain to any industry or transaction size.

Proper execution of the Roadmap can forever positively affect the trajectory of your company, your family, and your life!

For too long, entrepreneurs like you have gone with hat in hand to raise capital.

The fact is, without companies like yours, and dreamers like you, these guys wouldn't have anywhere to invest!

They need you as much as you need them. You can tip the scales in your favor with the confidence you'll get from understanding your company's current scene, and by having the path to expansion.

A detailed ICA report and Deal Book will put you in control of your own capital raise.


We would love to help you.


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