Solving the Problem

An emerging company has no simple way to raise money and subsequently expand, and there are limitations on the freedom of investors and entrepreneurs to interact in a free market system for small companies. The Dream Exchange is solving this problem.

The Dream Exchange Is Solving the Problem

There is a 20+ year decline in small business initial public offerings in the U.S. stock market, resulting in:

1. A widening gap between large and small investor wealth, and the death of the small public offering.

2. Limitations on the freedom and choices of investors and entrepreneurs to interact in a free market system.

3. Financial suppression of imaginative and creative geniuses, causing some of them to either give up on their ideas or forfeit the majority of their financial rewards to large institutional and mega-wealthy companies.

4. The mechanization of investment decisions made by electronic devices that lack the ethics and integrity to evaluate the values behind small business products and help fund the most beneficial companies and ideas.

Small companies in the USA don’t survive easily and the small capital public markets are dying out because the current financial system does not empower use of the public markets to offer early-stage company investment opportunity to the American public. The public markets today only accommodate very large public offerings of stock, and without near celebrity status of a small company, the public markets have little interest in investing in entrepreneurial companies. Both the small investor and the small company lack a venue to interact. The hope of “making it big” in the public markets as a small investor or company has been lowered dramatically, making access to the American Dream harder and harder to attain.

Right now, an emerging company in most cases has no simple way to raise capital in public or private markets and to get funds to subsequently expand.

The Dream Exchange Has the Solution
By helping to create and pass the Main Street Growth Act, America will again have a stock exchange venue for the “up-and-coming” company and investor. The Dream Exchange intends the following:

•The Dream Exchange will be a national stock exchange for small, medium and emerging private companies to list and trade their stock.

•The Dream Exchange will empower and make the American Dream possible to attain for the many who want to bring their creative ideas to market and share their solutions to society’s social and economic problems.

•The Dream Exchange’s listed companies will create a vast amount of living wage jobs by making possible the growth of small companies throughout the country, giving young and old alike the opportunity to do rewarding work in beneficial and ethical activities that benefit the country.

•The Dream Exchange will provide investors, who would otherwise not have access to this market, the ability to review and participate in a vast array of early-stage company opportunities.

•The Dream Exchange will provide small and emerging private companies with a fast and simple way to raise capital for expansion, or for the owners of a company to sell part or all of their interest in a company.

•The Dream Exchange will utilize a unique proprietary system to evaluate companies for listing, that will take into account their societal impact and emphasize new listing candidates that create services and products that expand the long-term survival potential of mankind and the planet.

A core value of the Dream Exchange is to reward beneficial ideas and entrepreneurial acumen by becoming the central marketplace where vetted buyers and sellers gain access to each other, resulting in wealth creation for business owners and investors alike.