"The assessment helped me see how I can position my company to get a fair and reasonable deal with an investor."


Are you thinking of raising capital to expand, or exploring the idea of selling? That's awesome!

If Mr. Investor approached you, ready to invest or buy your company, what would you say?

Could you look that investor straight in the eye and give your story without hesitation? Can you speak to the efficacy of your product or service and its value in the marketplace? That's the confidence and competence investors and buyers look for.

So how do you even start? Keep reading!

Introductory Company Assessment


Our online introductory company assessment (“ICA”) scores your business in 8 areas of critical interest to investors, strategic partners and potential buyers. This is the first step in a due diligence process that will be required for any future major capital event—such as a sale, a merger, or even a public offering.

Invest a couple of hours or so filling out a detailed and secure online questionnaire.

Immediately upon completing the questionnaire, you'll receive an initial assessment in a readable and understandable PDF report.

In addition to the ICA Report, you will receive a 45-minute, one-on-one consultation with a Senior Partner of the Dream Exchange (who typically bills at $750 per hour) to review your results and discuss next steps.

Clear. Comprehensive. Understandable.

The Introductory Company Assessment gives you a comprehensive assessment of the current state of affairs at your company, along with any current and future barriers to obtaining funds or reaching your expansion goals.  This is a groundbreaking online platform that allows you to begin the process of expertly assessing your company.

In addition, critical legal, operational and financial data is assessed to enhance the speed of future delivery of materials to key interested participants – be they investors, strategic partners or potential purchasers of your business.

How do I get started?

Complete assessment online

Immediately receive your detailed report

Schedule a free 45 minute consultation to review your report

Introductory Company Assessment Account View


For too long, entrepreneurs like you have gone with hat in hand to raise capital.

The fact is, without companies like yours, and dreamers like you, these guys wouldn't have anywhere to invest!

They need you as much as you need them. You can tip the scales in your favor with the confidence you'll get from understanding your company's current scene, and by having the path to expansion.

A detailed ICA report will put you back in control of your own capital raise.

What's Included for $99.95?

Proprietary Technology

The Introductory Company Assessment is unique. This is a groundbreaking online platform that allows you to begin the process of expertly assessing your company. Begin to see your company the way an investor would!

$997 Value!

Comprehensive Report

The ICA gives you a comprehensive assessment of the current state of your company, and details current and future barriers to a capital raise. These are some of the first things investors want to know!

$499 Value!


You'll get a free 45 minute private consultation with a Senior Partner of the Dream Exchange. We'll review your results and discuss next steps tailored for you, so you can realize your goal of a successful capital raise!

$750 Value!

After the ICA, What's Next?

 We're Dream Makers. Your bridge to financial freedom and growth without headaches. During your post-ICA strategy session, we'll recommend a tailored capital raise program.

We've distilled over 50 years of success into our 16-step Capital Raise Roadmap. The same steps apply whether you're expanding, or desire a partial or complete sale of your business. The steps pertain to any industry or transaction size.

Proper execution of the Roadmap can forever positively affect the trajectory of your company, your family, and your life!

What is the cost of inaction?

Stay the same

PRICE: Failure
  • Miss opportunities to scale
  • Less able to help others
  • No financial freedom

Try to do it yourself

PRICE: Stress. Headaches.
  • Costly mistakes
  • Wasted time
  • Attention that should go to production

What is the Dream Exchange?

Inventors of the Concept of Venture Exchanges
Trailblazers. Dream Makers. Tenacious enough to go all the way to Capitol Hill to lead the grassroot movement that will permit small and medium businesses to raise capital without selling their soul.

We’re in the process of creating a simple, compliant, turnkey exchange for the trading of small company stocks.

We Share The Same Dream as You
To flourish and prosper. To reap the full rewards of our ingenuity. To expand and partner with TRUE venture capitalists who will provide capital under fair and reasonable terms. To maintain control of our business while having the necessary funds for expansion.

The Dream Exchange is a newly created organization built on 50 combined years of successful capital raise events. We're here to help you —  the business owner seeking expansion or sale.

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