A New Stock Exchange

We’re creating a simple, compliant, turnkey exchange for the trading of small company stocks. The Dream Exchange will offer a way to sell your shares without selling your soul. The “inaccessible” just became a lot more accessible.

Designed to Build REAL Wealth

The platform is about inclusivity. It’s designed to build real wealth for those who never really had a chance.

The Dream Exchange will be a “first-of-its-kind” stock exchange that intends to help the small and medium business owner and investor alike by creating a market for the free trading of small business stock through a fully licensed and operational stock exchange. The Dream Exchange’s distinctive characteristic is its innovation; the Company’s trading rulebook and listing methodology create all of the functions of a bona fide stock exchange except that its rules are customized for smaller emerging businesses that meet eligibility requirements to be listed on the Dream Exchange.

A dream maker is a positive, passionate person who can’t wait to get up in the morning. This is someone with a vision that sees the future and makes it happen. A dream maker lives in the present but uses powerful imagination to create the future.

The Dream Exchange is a new invention born out of entrepreneurial big think which will disrupt the conventional idea of a stock market as we know it. The founder of the Dream Exchange has worked in Washington for several years in an effort to create a brand-new security called a “venture security” on a brand new exchange called a “venture exchange,” which will serve a massively underserved sector of public capital markets representing hundreds of thousands of small and medium businesses in need of capital to achieve growth, expansion and success. Those small businesses are the backbone of America. Through the Dream Exchange, a dedicated small business stock market, well-funded small businesses will create greatly needed jobs and improve the conditions of our world. We are creating an innovative new exchange that will ultimately convert the US economy into a production-based economic system where everyone wins: entrepreneur, citizen and investor alike.

The Dream Exchange’s goal is to help fund the inventions of the future that improve and sustain life on our planet.

This is not crowd funding. It is not conventional. It has never been invented before now. This truly is the Dream Exchange.